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Short historical

In Oradea:  According to the information we own, Wu-Shu, Kung-fu have beenpracticed in several cities of Romania under different forms and styles since the year 1975-1980. A fact that is worth knowing and should make us feel both proud and honoured in the same time is that after Bucharest, starting with year 1980, Oradea has been on of the most important centres, where among other forms and styles of Martial Arts, Kung-fu, Wu-shu have been practiced into a background organised by styles involving systems of over 150 legitimated practicants, well organised by the trainer who has brought up many values and whose name goes hand in hand with the opportunity of knowing and practicing Wu-Shu in Oradea. We speak of course about Mr. Nicolae Iancu the one who established the basis of Kung-Fu in Oradea. The trainer Romeo Gozner is one of the sportsmen brought up and prepared by trainer Nicolae Iancu who in 1988 at the request of the same Mr. Nicolae Iancu build up the foundation of a new Wu-Shu, Kung-Fu club and starts the study of new competional Wu-Shu forms such as Ciong Quen and Xanda (fighting) and also the through study of the traditional "Shaolin" style starting to combine the traditional style with the competitional one, Arts with Sport. This is how the young trainer Romeo Gozner at the age of only 20 years begins a pretty rough activity, taking into account the fact that was a pioneering activity wich imposed very much study considering that these were new styles that had never been practiced before in Oradea and the bibliography was very poor at that time. Given all these, after building a team of approximately 70 young beginners and after a perseverant work the results never failed to appear. In demonstrations and competitions the sportsmen trained by technician Romeo Gozner accumulate more and more victories and appreciations and that was going to lay down the foundation of the Gold Dragon Club. In the following Web pages you will be able to watch a material about this club which we hope you will find interesting. We came down to your appreciation if this club has fulfilled its duty and if its activity has been fruitful.


In Romania: According to the information we own, Wu-Shu, Kung-Fu has been present in Romania ever since 1970-1975 this art's promoter being Ioan Benea, the actual president of the Wu-Shu department belonging to the Romanian Federation of  Martial Arts. Thus almost all Wu-Shu Clubs in Bucharest have had as a starting point the direct collaboration with Master Ioan Benea or have been under his leadership.

In Oradea - the Club leaded by Nicolae Iancu had found about existence of club in Bucharest during the year 1986, so that in 1987 a meeting was settled down with this club and with Mr. Ioan Benea. The meeting was very helpful and constructive, Mr. Benea's conclusion confirming the value and high level of preparation of the Club in Oradea. His advice has assured a better orientation towards the demands of the modern Wu-Shu and competition. Mr Benea has turned out to be very satisfied and surprised all at once by the large number of practicians in Oradea, and of their interest in this art very little know in Romania at that time. Thus the club in Oradea had joined the promoting movement of Wu-Shu in Romania.

A short time after that there were more other clubs of Kung-Fu belonging to different cities of the country that joined the movement and which later on succeeded in confirming their high level of preparation. We will mention a few of the most important centres and names of their trainers and sportsman that have made history in the Romanian Wu-Shu.

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